Shake your Tic Tac Identity & Packaging

Music has always been an important part of the Tic Tac brand. Its name comes from the sound made by opening the box.

The Tic Tac marketing department and Providence agency (Havas Group Belgium) therefore naturally decided to explore the world of music to reconnect with 18-35. Through a unique digital experience, Tic Tac invite you today to play its product as a real instrument with the help of Charlie Winston, the English singer with millions of views which won renown with “Like a hobo. ”

I’ve been commissioned by havas belgium to work on the campaign logo & main visual elements. I also adapted these elements to the tic tac boxes One of the main challenge was to come up with a new graphic approach which would work with the actual tic tac branding, and compliment it.

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logostic tac boxes

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